IAS,NDA,CDS and State PSC solved papers with detailed explainations

1) Among the following factories at Bengal,the one established by Portuguese was[UP PSC(P) 2004]
(a) Kassim Bazar                              
(b) Chinsura
(c) Hoogly                                        
(d) Srirampur
Answer:- (c)
Explanation:-In 1536 Protugese trader got permission from sultan Mohmud Shah to trade in Hoogly.In those days Hoogly river was the main rout of transportation and Hoogly served as an excellent trading port.In 1579-80 Emperor Akbar gave permission to a Protuguese captain Pedro Tavares to establish a city anywhere in Bengal province.They normally chose the Hoogly and thus Hoogly became the first European(Protuguese) settlement in Bengal.
2) Who was the first Portuguese viceroy in India.[BPSC 2002]
(a) Diaz                              
(b) Vasco da Gama
(c)Francisco de Almeda    
(d) Albuquerque.
Answer:- (c)
1 .Francisco de Almeida (September 1505-November 1509) was the first Portuguese viceroy in India.
2..Alfonso de Albuquerque (November 1509-September 1515) was second Portuguese governor(Viceroy) in India.
3. Vasco de Gama was the Portuguese explorer and first European to land on Indian soil.
3)Which one of the following was immediate cause of first Carnatic war [BPSC 2001]
(a) Anglo French Rivalry.                     (b) Austrian War of Succession.
(c) Issues Of Carnatic Succession.          (d)  Capture of French ships by the British.
Answer:- (d)
Explanation:-Capture of French ships under the command of Barnett in 1745 became the immediate cause of first Carnatic war (1546-1548)
4)Nizam - UI - Mulk was the founder of the[Andhra PSC 2002]
(a) Qutub Shahi Dynasty                       (b) Asaf Jahi Dynasty
(c) Adil Shahi Dynasty                          ( d) None of the above
Explanation:-Nizam-Mulk was the title of sovereign of Hyderabad since the 1724. He was the founders of Asif Jahi dynasty.
Hyderabad state is now divided into Telangana,Karnataka and Maharashtra.
5)  Which of  the British  officials defeated portuguese at  Swalley ? [ BPSC  2001]
(a) William  Hawkins                
 (b) Thomas Best
(c)  Thomas Rep                        
 (d)  Josiah  child.
Answer:- (b)
Explanation:- Portuguese fleet at Swally(Surat) was defeated by British under captain Thomas Best in 1612.
6)Consider the following statements about the European travelers to India :[[CDS(II) 2012].
1.Sir Thomas Roe, the representative of the East India Company, was granted the permission by Jahangir to open a factory at Surat.
2. Captain Hawkins was driven out from Agra by the Mughals at the instigation of the Portuguese.
3. Father Monserrate traveled with Akbar on his journey to Kashmir.
Which of the statements given above is I are correct?
(a) 2 and 3                                    
(b) 2 only
(c) 1 and 2                                  
(d) 1 and 3
Explanation:-1.Captain Hawkins was received well by Mughal despite opposition from Portuguese.
2..Father Monserrate accompanied Akbar to Kabul while as Francisco Xavier accompanied him to Kashmir.
Hence only statement 1 is correct. Which is not available choice in the options
7)Which of the following was/ were reason/reasons for the success of European trading companies in South India during the 17th Century ?[CDS(II)2011]
1.The presence of the Mughals in the South was not as much as in the North
2. The Vijayanagar kingdom had been overthrown ·in the late 16th Century
3. The South had  many small and weak states
Select the correct answer using the code given below :
(a) 1, 2 and 3                    
(b) I and 2 only
(c) 2 and 3 only              
(d) I only
Answer:- (a)
European trading companies succeeded in establishing their foothold in South India because of following reasons
1..South was not under the grip of mighty Mughals as the North.
2..Disintegration of Vijayanagar empire  of South.
 3..Small and weak states of South were at constant conflict with each other and Europeans used this rivalry as a tool to control them.
8)Which one among the following was a reason for which the French could not succeed in India in the 18th Century .?[CDS(II)2011]
(a) They sided with the weak Indian sides such as Chanda Sahib and Muzaffar Jang
(b) Dupleix was called back at a crucial time
(c) They conspired· against the Indian powers
(d) Their trading company was heavily dependent on the French Government.
Answer:- (d)
Explanation:-Though calling back of Dupleix at the crucial time also contributed to the fall of French in India.But the primary(fundamental) cause of French failure in India was that the French company was subject to excessive government control.  Dupleix was handicapped in execution of his plans for want of funds and support from French government.
9)Who was Francisco de Almeida[CDS(I)2007]
(a)Dutch Governor in India.        (b)Portuguese Viceroy in India

(c)French Viceroy in India        
(d)English Viceroy in India.
Answer:- (b)
Explanation :-Francisco de Almeda also known as “The Great Dom Francisco”was the first Portuguese viceroy in India from September 1505 to November 1509.
10) Consider the the following statements.[CDS(I)2006]
1.Dutch opened a factory at Pulicat in 1609.
2.English built a factory at Masulipatam in 1611.
Which of the above statements is/are correct.
(a) 1 only                              
(b)2 only
(c)Both 1 and 2                     (d)Neither 1 nor 2.
Answer:- (d)
Explanation:-.Dutch  set up  factories  at Masulipatam (1605), Pulicat (1610), Surat (1616),Bimlipatam(1641)   KArikal(1645),Chinsurah(1653) ,Kasimbazar,Barrangore,Patna,Balasore,Negapatam (all in 1685)and Cochin(1663)
English built their first factory  at  Surat in 1613.
11)  During whose reign did Sir Thomas Roe have regular attendance at the  Mughal    court  to  secure commercial privilege ?[CDS  2006]
(a)  Akbar                            
(b)  Jahangir
(c) Shahjahan                        
(d) Aurangzeb
Answer:- (b)
Explanation:- Sir Thomas Roe came to India in 1615 as ambassador of King James I to the court of Mughal Emperor Naseer-ud-din Muhammad Jahangir(1605-1627).The purpose of his visit was to seek permission to trade and open factories in different parts of the empire.
12)Which one among the following was the fundamental cause of the first Carnatic War between the British and the French?[NDA NA(II)2012]
(a) Participation of the English and the French in the native politics of Karnataka
(b) The ambition of Dupleix to drive out the English from the South
(c) The trade rivalry between the English and the French
(d) The war of Austrian succession because of which Britain and France became each other's enemy in every part of the world.
Answer:- (d)
Explaination:-The primary (fundamental)cause of first Carnatic war (1546-1548) was largely an extention of Anglo-French rivalries in Europe and America.In Europe,the Austrain war of Succession broke out in 1740 and became cause of first Carnatic  war in India between British and French.
13) During the Mughal period which one of  the following traders  first come to India ?[NDA  2004]
(a)  Portuguese            
 (b) English
(c)  Dutch                      
(d) Danish
Answer:- (b)
Explanation:-Mughal rule was established in India in 1526 when Ibrahim Lodhi was defeated by Babur in First Battle of Panipat.
1.Portuguese came to India in 1498
(i,e Before the Mughal rule).
2.English came in 1600.
3.Dutch came 1602.
4.Danish came in  1616.
Hence during Mughal period English traders are first foreigners who came to India.
14)  Who granted  the  permission to establish  the French Factory at  Masulipatam ?  [ NDA 2004]
(a) Abdullah  Qutb Shah                  
(b)Nasir Jung
(c) Muzaffar Jung                          
(d) Salabat   Jung
Answer:- (a)
Explaination:- Abdullah Kutab Shah(1626-1672)was seventh rular of kingdom of Golconda.In 1669,he permitted the French to open a factory at Masulipattam.
15)  Consider the following  statements regarding  the defeat  of the  French in india at the  hands of the  British ?  [IES 2011]
(a)  The   English  company was commercially superior to the French company.
(b)  The shareholders  of the French  company were not assured  of rich  dividends.
(c) The  French  subordinated  their  mercantile interests  to territorial  ambitions .
(d) The  English  had  naval  superiority.
Answer:- (d)
Explanation:- Though there were other contributory causes of French failure in India.But the naval superiority of English was major cause of defeat of French at the hands of British.
16) Who among the following introduced cashew nut ,  pineapple  and Tobacco into India? [IES 2008]
(a) Dutch                      
(b) English
(c) French                      
(d) Portuguese.
Answer:- (d)
Explanation:- Tobacco,Pineapple and Cashew nut were introduced in India by Portuguese during 16th Century A.D.
17)Which one of the  following  nation was the first  to start  sea- trade with  india ? [IES 2003]
(a)England                                            (b)France
(c)Netherland                                     (d)Portugal.
Answer:- (d)
Explanation:- The coming of Vasco de Gama(the Portuguese explorer) marks the beginning of new chapter in history of India.Hence Portugal became the first nation to start sea trade with India.
18)The  greatest  Portuguese  Governor  who  Laid  the real foundation  of  Portuguese power in India  was  .[SSC (CPO)2012]
(b) Albuquerque .
(c) Francis .                      
(d) Vasco- da – Gama.
Answer:- (b)
Explanation:- Alfonso-de-Albuquerque(1509-1515) was the second Portuguese governor in India.He is regarded as the real founder of Portuguese power in India.He was most successful Portuguese governor.During his governorship Portuguese established their control over entire Asian coast from Hormuz in Persian Gulf to Malacca in Malaya and Spice Islands in Indonesia. Some of his achievements are as under
Conquest of Goa(1510),conquest of Malacca(1511),expedition to Spice Island(Maluka Island)(1512),China expedition(1513).
19)Bombay was given away as dowry to the English King Charles II for marrying the Princess of [SSC(CGL)2012]
(a) France                                
(b) Portugal
(c) Holland                              
(d) Denmark
Answer:- (b)
Explanation:- On 11 May 1661,Charles II of England was married to Princess Catherine –de-Braganza,daughter of King John IV of Portugal.King John IV gave Bombay as dowry to her daughter.
20) Which one of the  following  was the first – English  ship that   come to india?[SSC  2011]
(a) Elizabeth                    
(b) Bengal
(c)  Red  Dragon              
(d)  May  Flower .
Answer:- (c)
Explanation:- The East India Company’s first voyage departed on 13 February 1601.The flagship of five-vessel fleet was Scourge of Malice.East India Company renamed it as Red Dragon and granted command of the vessel to james Lancaster.

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